Terenti Yolandi

Terenti Yolandi is the deity of water. This abomination dwells in the elemental chaos far below the centre of the Tethys ocean. It’s domain is near the lode point, through which all arcane power is channelled.

Terenti Yolandi is said to be the terrible union of two older deities (Terenti and Yolandi) – a creature with one body, but two heads, four arms, and both genders. Some say that the two are siblings joined by mis-birth: a tragic, cosmic accident. Others say they were once unassociated beings: Terenti a lord of magic, Yolandi the mistress of the sea. In the latter myth, the lode point is the focal locus for both these elements, thus the two immortals were inescapably drawn together until they merged.

Terenti Yolandi is shunned by the divine council, for it only wishes destruction upon living things. Trapped in its domain, in madness it lashes out on the surface realm with storms of all kinds; wild magic across the lands, and maelstroms across the ocean.

Terenti Yolandi is worshipped by users of magic at no small risk, in an attempt to gain further arcane insight. When pirates and other lawless sailors invoke the name of the sea mistress, Yolandi hears, and they may attempt to appease her – although this way of life is ultimately cursed. It is also revered by the savage creatures of the ocean such as the sahuagin.

Terenti Yolandi’s symbol is a circle with an adjoining caret. One dot in each half-segment of the circle, and a third dot underneath the caret.

Game notes

Terenti Yolandi is of Chaotic Evil alignment.

Terenti Yolandi

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