Candeleria is the goddess of fire. Every morning she gives birth to a vast orb of flame, in agony, as punishment from her sister Ilithyia. Disgusted with her offspring, she hurls them into the sky – creating daylight which lasts until the fireball dies in the endless night far above.

In addition to fire, she taught other concepts to the primitive tribes during the primal age. Importantly, her followers were the first to draw images. She is prayed to by painters and signmakers, by cartographers and architects, by illusionists and illustrators.

During times of war, she wields a flaming scimitar. It is said that she resides in the City of Brass, in the lake of fire far beyond the borders of Nassau. Her symbol is a solid circle surrounded by eight radiating lines, often tapering to a point.

Game notes

Candeleria is of Evil alignment


Iconochromatic marasmusine