Byzantae occupies the south-western arc of the Valais Ocean, and wholly surrounds the Niobraran Sea. It is a warm region that gives way to mountains a forests to the south, and later to uninhabitable tundra.

Byzantae is a theocratic bureacracy. The current head of state is the divinely appointed Justinian I, who has absoulte rule, aided by bureaus of scribes, adepts and inquisitors. The deities Bess Carita and Agostino are the state’s patrons; the holy cities of both gods are situated in Byzantia.

The people live and work in tribal families, each headed by the member of most merit. Healthcare and education are ran privately.

Byzantae has no formal system of banking. Trade is largely conducted by barter, although metal coins from Nihon, Nassau and older lost civilizations are widely in circulation.

Byzantian Military

Tagma; military unit of 4000 men.
the Schools (or Scholai) are the senior units
the Sentinels are the elite guard
the Watch perform special duties such as guarding, relaying orders or guarding POWs
the Worthies are a cadet force
the Numbers are garrison units
the Best are elite shock troops
the Companions are mercenary units

Each tagma is captained by a Domestikos and divided into 20 bandons of 200 men (lead by a Komes), comprising of 20 dekarchia of 10 men (lead by a Dekarchos). Each tagma also has a secretary, head messenger, 40 standard bearers and 40 messengers.


Adrianople is a major city nearing the Nihon border. It sits atop the Franciska hills, with the river Adelajda running through from north to south. The population is approximately 631,000, with the . Both Bess Carita and Agostino are worshipped here, although only the former has substantial temples and monasteries here.

Buildings: High walls, castle, barracks, stable, archery range, granary, aqueduct, forge, monument, school of scribes, library, university, observatory, hippodrome, bazaar, courthouse, ceremonial altar, Bess Carita temple, Bess Carita monastery, brothel, doctor’s office, garrison, healer’s hut, lab, steel mill, town clock, weapon factory, sewers (in progress)

The city has a problem with health conditions; mosquitos from the floodplanes spread disease amongst the high population, and the factories spew out noxious fumes.

Families of note:

  • Tafadzwa, a tribe of spies.
  • Quigly, silver mining and forging.
The Temple of Bess Carita

The Temple is Bess Carita’s main connection with the mortal realm. It was built during the reign of Meiriona II, 4000 years ago. It took eight years to build, during which Meiriona is said to have performed a non-stop sensual dance in the goddess’s honour. It is where all clerics are trained. The inner Court of Temptation is said to be a place of rapturous pleasure. The public may only pray at the chapel in the public courtyard Bess Carita defends her city in times of need by sending forth the Furies. 900 years ago, during the siege by the Lacedaemons, the temple summoned a Fury named Zavia, who tricked the Lacedaemon commander into pursuing her into the mountains, where she ambushed him, tore out the heart and sent him to hell. The pylons at the Temple entrance are of divine origin; the clerics claim that no undead creature or demon may pass between the pylons.


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