Bess Carita

Bess Carita is the goddess of seduction and trickery. She is primarily worshipped in Byzantae, a nation stifled by bureaucracy and hedonism but rewarded with glory in battle.

During war, her servants wield heavy maces. A deity of the flesh, she abhors the undead, and her clerics seek to destroy such creatures.

Her symbol is an inverted triangle with a small circle at each point, representing the desires of sensuality, gluttony, and greed.

Byzantian dogma states that she came into being the first time a mortal desired another. The heretic Asmodeus of Antiquity claimed that she was a demon goddess born in the Malebolge, deep under the surface, but was lured out by her lover, Agostino. She left her realm in the Abyss, assuring her children that she would return when the red moon eclipses the white moon. She joined Agostino in the heavens but consumed the red moon, leaving her demon children forever waiting for her return.

game notes

Bess Carita is of Evil alignment.

Bess Carita

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