Tag: Unaligned


  • Agostino

    Agostino is the pursuader in the night. He is the current chief authority of the divine council, a position achieved by successful bargaining and sheer charm. His temples are located all around the [[Tethys]] ocean, but primarily in [[Nihon]] where his …

  • Menes

    Was a member of Archduke Counterpol's attache during the official visit to Nara, Nihon. Was slain and devoured by ghouls in a secret tunnel under Nara whilst the party was trying to leave the city unseen.

  • Rufaro

    Accompanied Vira of the Temple of Bess Carita, ostensiably as her slave. She was then an attache to Archduke Counterpol during the official visit to Nara, [[Nihon]], to petition for aid in the demon siege. On the return to Adrianople, she was …

  • Zanorin Dustwalker

    He was raised as an orphan in a fringe settlement of humans. Initially, he didn't look much like an elf - it may be more of a deformity, but as a child he lacked the graceful elf-like features that most would associate with a half-breed. Including the …