Zanorin Dustwalker

Half-elf Paladin


He was raised as an orphan in a fringe settlement of humans. Initially, he didn’t look much like an elf – it may be more of a deformity, but as a child he lacked the graceful elf-like features that most would associate with a half-breed. Including the pointy ears. As he grew and reached adolescence, his elven features began to become more pronounced and it started to become obvious to the tribespeople that he was a half-breed. Due to racial tension amongst the peoples, Zanorin was outcast as a young adult and forced to fend for himself with very limited supplies.

After years in the wilderness, fighting animals and monsters for survival and sustenance, Zanorin turned what some would term as “feral”. He was captured by a travelling party of traders and handed over to a crude mental ‘health’ facility in Adrianople. Efforts by the staff at the facility helped to restore Zanorin’s social skills and basic etiquette but he was still very unsettled and, at first opportunity, escaped over the border into Nihon. After weeks of endless walking, he happened upon a Temple of Agostino and was taken in my their monastic order. They saw potential in him and trained him as a Paladin of Agostino.

Despite being accepted by the monks, Zanorin grew unsettled again. With full training, he left the Temple and continued his wandering life-style but happy to aid anyone he may cross paths with.
He has patches of amnesia, however. He loses months at a time of his memory and is at a complete loss, during such epsiodes, to recall his whereabouts and actions. He fears that this may lead to run-ins with the law in the future, although this has yet to happen. As a general rule, he tends to avoid centres of population. Society makes him edgy, and he is prone to a number of phobias, which may or may not present themselves at any given time.

Personality-wise, he is gentle in nature and generally polite, but ill-at-ease in large groups of people or in stressful situations. This can lead to him behaving unpredictably in battle and in towns and cities. Although he seems well-meaning, Zanorin is troubled and difficult to understand/grasp at times and it is difficult to be enlightened as to his motives/alignment. Therefore, he is unaligned.

Having just come out of his most recent amnesial period, Zanorin found himself in an Adventurer’s Guild, in an as-yet-unknown town, observing a Eladrin called Phileas taking out his grievances on a gang of pirates. Helpful fella that he is, he decided to jump in and help.

He’s a fairly powerful guy, i like to think. He has at least one potentially hard-hitting attack and will gladly take damage for you or throw a hit-point or two your way from time to time. He wears plate armour and a belt of resistance and brandishes a greatsword.

Zanorin Dustwalker

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