Phileas Darkwing

Eladrin rogue


Phileas Darkwing is an Eladrin Rogue and despite being young for his species at 75, had spent years garnering a reputation as a sea captain who mercilessly trod on the line between trader and pirate. A figure of almost legendary repute, he travelled the coast taking no quarter. A bit of an arsehole but fiercely loyal to those who fights with, on that fateful night almost two years ago, he did all he could to defend his ship against the fleet of vessels who had been sent after him following a deal with the wrong sort of people. His ship was sunk and all crew presumed dead. No-one knew he had managed to make the miles long swim to coast, barely alive but alive. Since then, he has remained in shadow, working menial jobs and not revealing his true visage. And yet the last few months have heard whispers that Darkwing may not be as dead as was thought.

A master of endurance and subterfuge, Phileas as supreme instincts and can talk himself out of any situation. He has the wiles of a street urchin and is capable of working out the gears and cogs of any new settlement quickly. Few are more skilled with a dagger but his bravery has been known to get him into trouble as well as out from time to time.

Phileas Darkwing

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