Eladrin wizard


Althaea was always thought to be born under a bad sign. Perhaps it was the red moon that hung high in the night during her birth, or the owls outside that suddenly died in mid-flight. maybe it was just superstition over the silver scar on her palm. whatever it was, Althaea was forbidden from practicing magic by her parents who taught her instead the values of history and swordplay.

however, magic was in her blood and after a chance encounter with a mysterious wizard, she began to secretly train in the arcane arts. tutelage under her mentor, the Firestorm Mage, was a dangerous but also exhilarating business as she realised her own destructive potential. but her luck soon ran out. her constant practice of magic had caused her scar to increase in length so that it now crept slowly up her arm. a sign that she was ‘destined for greatness’, she was reassured. nevertheless, it was a sign she could not hide.

her parents soon discovered her secret and warned her not to continue. her path would ‘only lead to the destruction of herself and others’, she was told. how could they know? how could anyone? Althaea’s refusal lead to her banishment from the village and for many years hence, she stayed with her mysterious mentor.

and then one day, the nightmares came. visions of fire burning all around, her parents walking with restless spirits, great chasms swallowing the land and sea followed by a deathly white light. she woke…alone, and in an unfamiliar environment. a note was tied to her longsword, reading: ‘i have taught you all i can. the world is now yours to unveil. let magic guide you to its secrets and greatness will be there to greet you. when you are ready, we will meet again. K.’ she never knew her mentor’s name. was K his first name or his last?

from then on, Althaea began an adventuring life in the hopes of developing her magical skills and discovering her destiny. only recently she joined a small adventuring party who were willing to accept her despite her ill temper and a tendency for overambition. Althaea strives to prove her worth whenever she can, not only to her companions but also to her parents – proof of greatness that can be achieved on the arcane path.


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